Radio Stations I'm currently involved in (if there is a play button below the logo you can tune in directly here):


Dance Radio UK

I started on this station on 7th Jan 2020, similar in music styles as Quest London, however this station actually has two channels, with Box UK concentrating on the more commercial releases.

I play Live on this station every Tuesday between 9pm and 11pm, these shows are basically anything goes from across the majority of the genres I concentrate on, you can join me in the chat room during these shows, maybe drop a request.

Get lifted 600 px[455].png

We Get Lifted Radio

A new station created and ran in Jan 2020 by Lady Duracell.

I currently provide guest mixes to this station occassionally, however it allows me to delve into the deeper elements of the house genres concentrating on Deep Tribal/Vocal/Progressive House.


Zip DJ

I subscribe to a DJ Pool for the majority of the music I use in my Show, if you are a DJ yourself you can apply for a monthly or annual subscription to one of these to get access to the music you would like to use.

I have reviewed a few of these and by far Zip has the most amount of content of the music I use so I would recommend this to anyone playing a similar style. 

They actually cover a wide scope of Genres including Commercial, Urban, Rock, Latin and Country as well.